I have been an amateur writer of movie scripts for over a decade. When I was a freshmen in college I entered as an engineering major. It was aerospace to be exact. After going to each class once I realized I was in over my head. I got back to the dorm stressed and tired from lugging around a hundred pounds of books all day. I turned around and went right to the book store and returned all the books. Then I marched over to make an appointment with an advisor. I explained that I picked a major because I loved star trek. But let’s be honest. Space travel was never going to exist like that in my life time. What I had a passion for was the film industry. The university didn’t have a film program so I was encouraged to major in business because we all know the film industry is one of the few multibillion dollar businesses that doesn’t get any government assistance. Technically that’s not true at least not anymore. Lots of cities offer tax incentives to encourage film production in their city. After college I started taking any courses I could find on the movie business. I should have probably transferred to a school with a film program. I went through the hollywood film institute, I took weekend courses on movie script writing at UCLA and one in Sedona. I read books and I started writing. Dov convinced me at the hollywood film institute that you needed a story and you needed to make it great.

I moved to Hollywood. And got a job on a film production. Then we setup shop in Santa Monica. We got a listing in the Hollywood 411 and a few letters of reference which allowed us to place ads in Variety and The Hollywood Reporter looking for scripts to produce. We had a stack of scripts that went from the floor to the ceiling and we read them all. Out of that we found three that we thought might work. We wanted a small production that told a great story. Needless to say none of those three ever got made. We tried to option them but the writers had outrageous requests to make a deal. So I started writing my own stuff. Two of them I even attempted to film. I learned a lot along the way and I want to share it with you.